Now for the legal stuff, the T's & C's.

A. General Information - Who am I, Who are we, and what we do

JasmeowTheCat is me and I created this website! I appreciate you checking out what I do and what I can provide for you, your or your business, in terms of an idea, plan, project or business proposal.

JasmeowHQ is my personal Discord and it consists of myself and my staff team who I have hired to make sure your orders are completed to a satisfactory standard. They support clients when I am not available and make sure information is clear and concise for me.

My team can read all tickets opened by you and can answer your questions, but are under strict discipline to not connect to your systems unless instructed otherwise, modify any assets or cause disruption and discomfort. Please contact me immediately if this happens by direct messaging me.

B. Products and Services - What I sell

- I provide different products and services which may change from time to time.
- The products and services are digital only and I am not responsible for any data, file or code loss of the products/services provided after being purchased.
- I reserve the right to cancel or postpone any service that is being developed, coded or worked on if I feel it is necessary, such as requesting more information from you which I cannot access or provide. An example to this would be SSH login information which you withhold. This also includes if I lose communication with you or a unreasonable dispute has been opened on a platform such as MC Market.
- After purchasing any of my products or services, you own all files and access to what you purchased, unless stated otherwise by other licensing terms, such as addons for control panels, as these are owned by the creators.
- I reserve the right to keep the files, code, images, and data that is made and to show it/use it in my public portfolio, within reason. I usually ask for consent before I do this to be respectful.
- Any type of redistribution of my installation documents, assets or other products/services is strictly forbidden.

C. Purchases and Payments - Charging back is bad, don't do it

- Refunds will only be given back in situations deemed necessary.
- Charging-back or disputing unfairly on a purchase is strictly prohibited and will lead to cancellation of your current project as well as future commissions and support, unless we come to mutual agreement.
- I reserve the right to change the prices of my products/services without notice that I offer without refund or exchange to any previous client.
- You are required to cover fees, which are automatically calculated when the price is given, such as PayPal fees or on the Fiverr platform.

D. Contact - Get in touch with me

- When you contact me via a ticket, via the Fiverr messaging platform or via email, I will get in touch to discuss further details.
- You may not open tickets in Service Teams or with other freelancers, make requests on BuiltByBit forums or other such alternative contact means while engaging in conversation with me in your ticket. This is to prevent commission sniping and confusion. Honestly, this is just rude so please don't do it. I will reply to you as soon as I can and if for any reason you are seeking someone else, please let me know beforehand.
- I reserve the right to deny or refuse communication with any person who contacts me if I feel it is necessary, such as abuse towards me or my JasmeowHQ team, disrespect to someones collation (Race, Gender, etc) or bad history.

E. Privacy - Your data is not sold or misused

- All information provided by you is confidential and secure, not sold to third parties and me and my team have no intention of causing problems maliciously. If you have any doubt, please get in touch with me or glance at my many reviews by other clients.
- With regards of the broad term of "your information", this includes, but not limited to the systems SSH login information, assets of your project and conversation history between me or the team.

F. Conclusion - Well, that was long...

- Any attempt to disrupt or damage the community in any way will result in a removal from said server, and ending of all tickets held by you.
- By joining the JasmeowHQ Discord lounge, you agree and understand these Terms & Conditions and agree to be held strictly to them and accept all consequences if failure to follow does arise. Do note that this applies to group chats and private communication on other platforms also.