Client Testimonials

You might be wondering why there are two sections to the site for reviews and that is a very good question. I have split them into two parts with one section being for reviews to scroll through, with this section being just sole, independent reviews by individuals who have kindly gone out of their way to write a longer, more detailed background on me and my work ethic. If you are looking for a quick read to decide whether I am the best person to work for you or not, see the advice below. Each of the individuals have given consent to be contacted if you so desire to confirm legitimacy of their said statement. No edits have been applied or any gross misconduct such as "cherry picking" the best to stand out from the crowd. Being genuine is what provides the best customer service and I aim to do this day in, day out. Please do contact them if you have any enquiries you wish to ask.



Jasmine is one of the best system administrators I have worked with honestly, and god knows I worked with more than enough till I found Jas, haha! She single-handedly fixed the mess created by other sys-admins and companies, by organising, securing and optimising our dedicated server.

Just for an idea of how bad our situation was: We had to move dedicated machines two times in 5 months before she set up the one we are using right now. After that, we asked her if she could set up a backup system to protect our assets and despite all the challenges she had to overcome with the third party that provides the storage space, she did it in less than a week. Honestly, I am still sorry for the time she had to invest to make the system work - the third party *Ahem Microsoft* made it really hard for her!

Another thing I love about Jas is her personality and work ethic. If you are about to do a dumb thing she won't respect the "The customer is always right" rule and tell us directly we were doing something stupid, we should not do it that way, and then proceed with giving a better solution to our problem. Even if we haven't worked that long with Jas, I already have big plans that require her skillset and I am 99% (one can never be 100%) sure I could not accomplish them without her.

Two pieces of advice I would give to anyone who wants to work with her are these: DO WHAT SHE SAYS! Too many regretted not listening to her, me included. If you have a dumb person in your team who doesn't respect the first piece of advice, keep them out of management roles. All things considered, I would recommend her over any other individual/team that offers similar services any day of the week. She loves what she does and prioritizes quality over quantity and speed. TL;DR: You need a system admin? Go to Jas, don't bother being disappointed because you used others!



Jasmine, the best friend that you could ask for.

Wait! Hear me out! You might be wondering why am I writing this since you probably already know I am part of the staff team on JasmeowHQ. Well, I just wanted to share my point of view on Jasmine which I’ve been friends with for over 2 years now. Ever since I met Jasmine, she was the kindest person I encountered. The story begins with me trying to find an old friend. It was just pure luck that I even found that server. I was once looking at my server list on Minecraft and I suddenly thought the server that I was playing with my friend reopened... Turns out it was a fresh server called ElementalFalls which was still in development, somehow unwhitelisted. Joined the server, presented myself and said that I was looking for my friend, Exiles. (don’t worry, I found him a year later). Since I was a developer, Jasmine told me that I should apply for the the role. I did apply for that position and a few days later I got accepted, got to know Jasmine and then I got promoted to head developer a month after my arrival. Funnily enough, I then got demoted back to developer just because of my laziness… Let’s just say I am not the most organized when it comes to planning things out and actually doing them. Ahem. That’s on me. Jasmine actually gave me lots of chances to redeem myself and do my job.

I joined JasmeowHQ the second she sent me an invite, and I was indeed the second person to join that Discord server. She has gone through more than 1000 tickets and lots of cups of tea which is incredible what she accomplished all by herself in that short span of time. I can tell you she is one of the best system administrators. She has helped lots of clients which she herself knows all of them, talked to them and walked them through step by step on how she does her installs in in a voice chat. I got to be staff on that server and sometimes I can be too helpful, Jasmine can vouch for that. I quite often sit in the voice chat with Jasmine and she never ceases to amaze me. She always has something either funny or informative. I keep on learning new things from her and I am truly honest when I say this, she is the coolest friend that I could ask for. She is an amazing, kind and helpful person. To be honest, every single thing that I learned about system administration is from her. Well, if you don’t believe me, come join the voice chat in JasmeowHQ (Discord is on the homepage) and see for yourself how awesome she is. Everything that all the other users that have submitted a testimonial is correct and, yes, you should read them if you haven’t done so already.



When I first got into servers I did not have a clue where to start. Thank god I somehow ran into Jasmine who has been an actual star to me. They have been able to help me understand systems a lot better while working with her. They also directed me towards which server I would need and explained why. I think one of the best things about Jasmine is that they are not fake and if she has something to say, she will say it. She puts confidence into the project I have worked on since it doesn't create a fake fantasy in your head that everything is okay, it always allows you to learn and improve.

She just isn't a system administrator, but she is also a little advisor for me always pointing out what I should do to improve. For example, if I need to know where to get STMP setup, she knows the best provider. I have more plans in the future for my servers and it will include Jasmine because she has been able to improve my workflow better then any other system administrator I have known.

The thing you must know with Jasmine is that she will never do a halfhearted job, when she is doing something she will always have her full attention on it. She never rushes her projects and installs, and values the quality of the work rather than how fast it took her to do. I would suggest always listening to Jasmine and never disrespect her choice because she will prove you wrong and prove why she is right. Overall it has been a pleasure working with Jasmine and I can not wait to see what we work on in the future. Out of my 5 years of hosting servers there is no one else I would pick.