Game Server Control Panel Installs

Needing a control panel to run your game servers such as Minecraft, Ark, Garry's Mod or even a Teamspeak chat? Providing clean and efficient installs of common gameserver panels on dedicated on shared hardware, including Pterodactyl, Multicraft, Pufferpanel and more! What's more is that this can be done on brand new or already in production systems. When getting started on the installation, I confirm with you all the details to make sure it's done accurately and to your specification, speaking to you one to one directly, providing a well detailed installation document. 

Discord Setups & Creations

Requiring a Discord for your small friend group, large community or business? With 5 years of expertise in bot configurations, channel appearance, role design and permission management, you can be rest assured your brand new Discord lounge will be ready to go up to your standards! We can hop into a call and screenshare your overall design ideas, show some templates I have created to see what one is eye catching for you and decide how the bots, roles & permissions will be configured, such as a verification gate for those bot spammers or a fully customised ranking system!

Minecraft Support, Configuration, & More

Minecraft support required for your network? Needing some configuration files worked on? With multiple years of the games knowledge behind me, I can help you out when you are in trouble and want to make sure your community is built up on the same core values which have lead to many successful networks. These 5 cores are transparency, communication, reliability, enriched work ethic & originality. 

Control Panel Setups

Starting your own company or need to host your next big website? I provide installations and configurations for well known website interface panels such as WHMCS, Plesk, cPanel & WordPress. One of the benefits of hiring me is my experience with most common setups and being flexible to work with you if a existing project needs modifying. If a problem arises, you can be rest assured you will be in safe hands making sure you are back up and running efficiently. 

System Administration

Systems needing an update, an application configured or a virtualisation platform setup? I have over five years of experience in Windows and Linux desktops, servers, software and hardware. Working with brand new or already in production systems, I make sure they run securely, reliably and efficiently with minimal downtime. Another key fact about my system administration skills is that I have personally self taught myself myself how to manage and operate many backend systems for small communities to large business networks, making sure their project is a success.

MS 365 & Automated Backups

With being Microsoft 365 trained, setting up managed email and automating backups using personally designed scripts has never been easier. Using MS is extremely beneficial to a small Minecraft community, service team or large business, using professional tools such as Planner, Power Automate, OneDrive and SharePoint, with 1TB of storage per user. With backups, external applications can be implemented using software such as RClone, Amazon's S3 CLI and more!


Needing an account transferred between each other, a Minecraft server given to a new owner or managing large transactions? Get in touch and ill be more than happy to complete the deal for you. For all MW services I provide below $100 is free, then I will charge an extremely low fee, which can be negotiated once required, along the lines of 10$ for over $300 deals for example, dependant on the deal requirements and plans. I also provide investments!