My advanced & experienced skillset will adapt to your requirements.

Explaining my skills in an extremely long list is boring and uninteresting to look through, doesn't give detail, and doesn't outline my full background knowledge of servers, networking, systems and infrastructure. You are much better off contacting me on Discord or Email to discuss with me your project or idea as I might be able to support more than just system administration in your project.  I make sure I provide full documentation for all my work for returning back to when required. 

  • Being a system administrator to make sure your systems are configured and setup to your requirements.
  • Being productive, on time and efficient ensures client satisfaction is my number one goal.
  • You work with me on a one to one basis and no intermediaries for the best possible service and support.

ElementalFalls was one of my most prominent projects.

ElementalFalls was a Minecraft Java edition network on the latest version. This was one of my main projects, which had a strong team behind it, including talented builders, developers and dedicated support staff. We closed for multiple internal reasons.

I worked with the development team to create new and exciting additions for the players who joined our network. The build team discussed with me what creations to make and I made sure the quality was above and beyond our competitors at the time. With the support team, they were trained to handle the players situations effectively.

My main focus objectives were:

  • Being the owner of the network allowed me to oversee the team and ensure everything ran smoothly.
  • Being the systems administrator for the backend systems ensuring the main infastructure was kept online and updated.
  • Ensuring the management documentation created was up to standard for the staff team and players to follow.

Working with many service teams to help satisfy demand.

Being part of multiple service teams builds trust with the community, vastly improves my portfolio and enables me to gain knowledge to many different projects individuals are wanting to make a reality. With trust and responsibility, I have become a commission manager in some of these teams, applications manager in others and even management to a select few. I work hard to ensure customer satisfaction is the number one priority to help grow the service industry, providing outstanding project setups and business improvement.

  • Being part of any of the service teams is a privilege and not a right, so maintaining professionalism is the key to success.
  • Keeping client confidentiality between the teams is a must and a strict guideline I always intend to follow.
  • I work alongside management team members to help promote, support and accept trainees and obtain clients.